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August 5, 2022

Airless Packaging Market

Airless Packaging Market By Regional Analysis

Many owners of cosmetic brands are moving away from traditional packaging in favor of packaging options that extend the shelf life of the products

LONDON , UNITED KINGDOM, August 5, 2022 / -- The global airless packaging market size was valued at USD 5.7 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% over the forecast period 2022-28. A high-quality, non-pressurized airless packaging method helps to reduce oxidation, extend shelf life, provide accurate dose, and minimize cross-contamination. Even when employed with formulas with higher viscosities, airless packaging systems provide correct dosing every time. It is available in a range of manufactured and packaged forms, including fluids, gels, lotions, and pastes, with dispensing systems that offer minimal waste and prevent air from backflowing into the system. Some of the key end-users of airless packaging are personal grooming, healthcare, home healthcare, and food and drinks.

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The Airless Packaging Market - Growth Factors:
The increasing emphasis that manufacturers are placing on minimizing or eliminating product waste is anticipated to accelerate the market growth for airless packaging. Because airless packaging features a dispensing system inside that prevents wasting, users can use the product to the last drop and reduce product waste. Additionally, the user has the option to remove extra liquid to cut down on waste. The increased emphasis on producing products with no or little waste is therefore expected to promote market expansion.

The restraining factor for the Airless Packaging Market
It is challenging to differentiate product value propositions, which is anticipated to impede the market expansion of airless packaging. Another factor that is expected to limit the market growth for airless packaging is the tightening of regulations regulating the use of plastic packaging, particularly in Europe due to increased environmental concerns. The price of the packaging supplies, which are sold in rolls or bags, could raise the total price of the packaging system. As a result, during the course of the projection period, the market expansion for airless packaging is expected to be aided by the heavy price of the packaging equipment.

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The Airless Packaging Market – Segmentation
The Global Airless Packaging Market is fragmented based on Material Type, Packaging Type, End-User, And Geography. Based on Material Type, the market is divided into Plastic and Glass. Based on Packaging Type, the market is categorized into Bags and Pouches, Bottles and Jars, Tubes, and Others. Based on End-User, the market is classified into Personal care, Healthcare, Homecare, and Food & Beverages.

The Airless Packaging Market Regional Analysis:
Due to the high demand for luxury cosmetics and the region's strong presence of cosmetics manufacturing companies, Europe dominated the market and contributed over 34.5 percent of global revenue in 2019. In order to address the growing concerns about sustainability as well as product protection from oxidation, European skincare firms are placing an increasing amount of emphasis on sustainable airless packaging. A skincare product in an airless bottle made with recycled plastic was announced by Unilever-owned Ren Clean Skincare in February 2020.

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